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O’Day Aviation’s deep expertise in business aviation stems from years of hands-on experience in the business aviation industry – both as advisors and as industry executives.  Our team has led strategic planning, product development and aftermarket strategy across the entire market – from Turbprops to VLJs to Ultra-Long-range (ULR) programs. Our industry relationships span from aircraft OEMs to propulsion suppliers and service providers; fixed base operators (FBOs); maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO); suppliers; aircraft & charter operators; and brokers.

Business Aviation considerations and engagements in today’s market environment may include:

New aircraft and engine development plans by size-class MRO & aftermarket trends

Forecasts for business aircraft across classes, applications and geographic regions following pandemic surge

Supply chain constraints as the aviation industry ramps up across all segments.

Charter market and membership services – trends and forecasts

Sustainability trends including increasing use and viability of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF), Hydrogen and hybrid-electric propulsion

Emerging products investment opportunities & risks: UAM/AAM and eVTOL

Key Insights

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