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Commercial Aircraft Strategy, Growth & Transactions

O’Day Aviation Consulting are your trusted advisors for airlines, OEMs, suppliers and investors looking understand the increasingly dynamic commercial aviation and propulsion landscape.  Our team has decades of hands-on experience forecasting, product planning, negotiations and developing strategy for regional, narrowbody, widebody aircraft systems and aftermarket programs.

Key Commercial Aviation considerations and engagements in today’s markets include:

Commercial aircraft fleet composition and forecast as widebody aircraft market and overseas travel recovers

Balance of “power” between major OEMs as narrowbody and widebody operational mix shifts

Supply chain constraints as the aviation industry ramps up across all segments

New aircraft and engine development plans by OEM

Assessment of engine programs including “teething” issues with current narrowbody engines and development of fleet impact mitigation plans

Assessment of developmental aircraft technologies and OEM concepts including supersonic and next generation aircraft designs for efficiency

Emerging manufacturing technologies like additive (3D printing) impact on design, supply chain and aftermarket.

Technology and environmental trends focused on 2050 goals including increasing use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF), Hydrogen and more-electric propulsion systems… including the impact of government regulations & investment.

 Assessing the industry impact of emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology

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