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Defense Advisory Experts

Increasingly, the shifting global power structures and needs requires an understanding of how technologies and product development is impacted by changing budget and political influences.  Our team has extensive experience working within the defense industry with a specialization on propulsion systems, aircraft and missile systems.  

Key considerations and engagements in today’s defense and weapon systems markets include:

Budget allocations, forecasts and effects on weapons systems strategy and planning

Understanding of diverse weapons systems needs between branches of military

The evolution of air power including unmanned and collaborative systems development

Ukraine war and impact on resources

Industrial base planning and supplier capabilities to meet evolving demand

The increasing emphasis within the US Air Force towards affordable mass for weapons systems procurement and development. How are weapons system requirements shifting in global or regional conflicts?

Client Engagements Include:

Missile Systems & Attritable Vehicles Market

Extended client consultation including comprehensive analysis and independent review of jet-engine powered missile systems including forecast by size, class and use, with recommendations of landscape and market development opportunities.  The projects and recommendations included propulsion system strategy development and market-entry points; assessment of evolving weapons systems requirements within USAF and Navy; analysis, trends and competitive landscape of Collaborative Combat Aircraft (CCA), emergence of attritable weapons and swarm vehicles; and assessment of opportunities within supersonic and hypersonic weapons developments. 

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