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Strategic Aersopace Investment Partners

We believe investments in new businesses, technologies or emerging markets should not be taken lightly.  When a strategic due diligence is required, investors, corporate clients, private equity firms and venture capital investors across the aerospace value chain increasingly look to O’Day Aviation Consulting, LLC for objective and third-party analysis of targets.  With our extensive industry experience, we apply proven methodologies, bottoms-up business modelling, market projections, competitive analysis and rigorous technology assessments to develop an independent outlook and risks for potential investors.  


Key considerations and engagements in today’s investments may include:

Organic growth… adjacencies and market opportunities for business growth

Inorganic growth… evaluation and due diligence of mergers & acquisitions

Aircraft & engine purchasing and leasing… evaluation of residual value and risks

Aerospace investors assessment of emerging markets including UAM, eVTOL and key carbon reduction technologies… SAF, hydrogen energy, all-electric and hybrid propulsion

Investor Analysis – detailed analysis of company strengths, weaknesses, risks, opportunities, and outlook

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