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Market-Leading Propulsion Expertise... Our DNA

We are a team of seasoned experts and industry leaders with deep expertise and over a century of combined experience in propulsion systems across the entire aerospace industry – commercial aviation, business aviation, general aviation, MRO/services, space, defense, electric power, hybrid-electric and emerging industries.  Our experience leading and consulting in the propulsion industry spans the breadth of power products including jet engines, piston engines, auxiliary power units (APUs), hybrid-electric and all-electric systems.

Our propulsion system consulting services may include:

Evaluation of propulsion systems and technologies – jet engines, piston, hybrid and all-electric

Engine services, repair, overhaul & aftermarket – landscape, competitive analysis and strategy development

Commercial deal structures

Engine and component supplier negotiations and contract support

Evaluation of sub-system suppliers – castings, components, and hardware

Due diligence and analysis of investments

Developing customer-centric and impactful proposals

Propulsion systems for sustainable aviation … SAF, hydrogen, all-electric & hybrid-electric systems

Client Engagements Include:

Propulsion System Selection

Industry-leading commercial aircraft OEM requested evaluation of multiple propulsion system offerings for new aircraft.  Consultation included an assessment of competitor technologies and potential risks to support negotiation and selection of the propulsion system.

Alternative Propulsion Solutions

Multiple white papers delivered on behalf of propulsion system manufacturers for UAM and AAM comparing the attributes of all-electric, hybrid-electric (reciprocating vs. gas turbines), and hydrogen system propulsion systems and technologies.

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Rocket Propulsion Analysis

Rocket Propulsion Analysis

Client requested an evaluation of the existing rocket-powered propulsion system market – with a focus on the emergence of new low earth orbit and space small launchers.  The analysis included an assessment of  the market opportunities, forecast and competition by horsepower and launcher application.

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