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Aerospace Technology Services

The aerospace industry is rapidly approaching a turning point where innovation is driving significant advances in new technologies.  These technologies create the opportunity for significant acceleration of the industry.  O’Day Aviation Consulting can provide clarity to the savvy investor or OEM when evaluating these new opportunities. 

Potential engagements in today’s technology and emerging markets may include:

Emergence of new service and aftermarket models for more-electric aircraft… ie: “selling energy”

Emerging air mobility market… help reduce uncertainty in investments… TAM, SAM, opportunities and picking winners

Sustainability… evaluation of emerging aircraft and engine technologies to improve engine fuel efficiency while reducing carbon dioxide emissions; decarbonization; net-zero

Engine and component supplier negotiations and contract support

Evaluation of sub-system suppliers – castings, components, and hardware

Due diligence and analysis of investments

Developing customer-centric and impactful proposals

Propulsion systems for sustainable aviation … SAF, hydrogen, all-electric & hybrid-electric systems including any constraints on technology adoption: raw materials, supply chain and infrastructure

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